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NOVE AGROMATIC has been delivering quality spices and dryfruits from many years, with rigorous standards for sourcing & manufacturing to provide the freshest, purest premium product available.Our commitment to quality, innovation, and product integrity has earned the trust and devotion of clients worldwide and made our names synonymous with quality.Our quality control begins with raw material purchases. The raw material is sourced from its origin. We carefully process spices to preserve their color, aroma, and flavor.

Market opportunities

Spices are essential ingredients imparting taste and flavor to food preparations. Besides their everyday use in households, they are also used in large quantities in restaurants, hotels, catering services, food processing industries, roadside eateries, etc.

Spices are fast-moving consumable items and have large potential There has to be a widespread network of dealers or retailers backed up by advertisements in local media. Total export of spices from the country during the year 2009-10, 2010-11, and 2011-12 is estimated to be Rs. 55650 lacs, Rs. 684070/- lacs and Rs. 978342/- lacs respectively The increasing demand for sustainably produced spices, the growing interest in the health benefits of spices, and in international ethnic cuisines are the top trends opening up opportunities for exporters from developing countries.

On the other hand, increasing buyer requirements and frequent legislation changes are the main threats for new suppliers from developing countries not yet familiar with these requirements. Spices are increasingly being tested for allergens and plant-toxins in spices.

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